Volume 1/Issue 1 15 September 2017

  • VLNComm actively participates in shaping IEEE 802.15.7 (LiFi) Standards
  • LiFi and VLNComm in the news: Wall Street Journal LINK
  • Prototype rollout to partners planned for mid-September
  • Exhibiting in Charlottesville TomTom Tech Mixer LINK
  • Participation in LUXLIVE 2017 LINK
IEEE Standards Committee – VLNComm is actively shaping the IEEE LiFi Standards. A number of VLNComm’s patents will make up the new Standards with plans to be finalized in late 2018-2019. WSJ– VLNComm named in a recent Wall Street Journal article providing details about next generation communication solutions including LiFi. VLNComm remains on the forefront of R&D in a very select group of companies.
“Transmitting information with light is as old as the signal fire, but transmitting high-speed data via the lights above our heads has only been possible for about five years. A handful of startups—including VLNComm, Velmenni and PureLiFi—are working on systems that flicker LED lights so quickly they can transmit information at up to 43 megabits a second”.

Seed Funding Investment– VLNComm has initiated a campaign to raise seed funding. If interested in investing, please email the following for information:
Business– Over the course of the last several months, VLNComm has entertained visits from dozens of world-renowned technology, LED and Luminaire firms, investors and potential partners with an interest in our LiFi solutions. To that end, we are preparing shipment of our initial prototype, leading to further collaboration and the refinement of use cases and value propositions for what many consider to be a necessary augmentation to WiFi in an expanding market that continues to draw on a narrow RF spectrum unable to meet the insatiable appetite for connectivity and access to the Internet.
Europe – The firm will be meeting with dozens of potential collaborators and partners at the November LuxLive event in London, UK. This event is Europe’s largest lighting show with more than 1000 exhibitors. Exhibiting– VLNComm will exhibit at the upcoming TomTom Festival Tech Mixer. This will be held on September 22 from 5:00-8:00PM on the downtown mall, Charlottesville, VA.
Contact Us VLNComm 125 Riverbend Dr. Ste 2 Charlottesville, VA 22911 434-202-8252