VLNComm Introduces the World’s Most Advanced LiFi USB Adapter

VLNComm, the premiere US LiFi Research and Development firm focusing on the development of bi-directional LiFi, has developed the fastest, most affordable and most innovative LiFi enabled USB adapter – LumiStick 2.

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Volume 1/Issue 2
8 December 2017

  • VLNComm Miniaturizes USB Adaptor – Industy’s Most Robust
  • Exhibiting at CES 2018
  • Proof of Concept for Industrial Deployment
  • Exploratory Partnerships
  • Participation in LUXLIVE and LiFi Forum
  • LiFi Alliance
  • US Army Fast Track
USB Adaptor/Transceiver – VLNComm has developed the fastest, most affordable and among the smallest LiFi enabled USB adapters on the market. The goal remains to miniaturize to the point of easily embedding inside devices.

Exhibiting – CES 2018, Las Vegas – VLNComm will exhibit at the Eureka Park venue Jan 9-12. Plans include: technology demonstrations and announcements about hardware and industry leading throughput/connectivity speed.

US Army RDECOM Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) – VLNComm held discussions with representatives from RDECOM on a 2018 SBIR to provide LiFi networking for Tactical Shelters. This program will provide access to $1.2M in funding.

Rapid Prototyping– The firm is working with an industry leading lighting manufacturer to develop a case study, proof of concept for LiFi mesh networking using high bay LED fixtures intended for industrial and manufacturing facilities for wireless connectivity to machines, sensors, nodes, and users. The LED fixtures will have LiFi drivers and receivers to communicate with adjacent fixtures and with the devices that are located within its coverage area. The communication between devices across the facility will be relayed by the fixture.

Seed Funding Investment– The firm is continuing its campaign to raise seed funding. If interested in investing, please email the following for information: Info@vlncomm.com.

Europe – London – The firm attended LuxLive holding discussions with dozens of lighting manufacturers as well as publicists.

Paris – The firm participated in the first LiFi Forum hosted by Orange and attended by more than 200 people. LiFi Alliance/Association (name is tbd) – Discussions are on-going with Orange, Deutch Telecom, Philips, Lucibel, Zero.1, VLNComm and Purelifi agreeing on the common interest in the standardization of the technology and market education. The group is now looking to form a broader industry group that would help accelerate market education with a wider set of participants.
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