Hospitals, Schools and Kindergartens

The hospitals, schools and kindergartens are the other major market for LiFi technology regarding its safety for patients, and children. LiFi can be used inside the hospital to provide wireless internet access for patients and can provide high-speed internet connection in the operation rooms that enhance the quality of remote surgeries. There has been a long standing debate over the dangers of Wi-Fi and other electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiations. Although there is no conclusive proof of the harmful effects of Wi-Fi on the human body, there is an increasing public concern for the use of Wi-Fi, especially for children and pregnant women. Many are seeking an alternative technology that can resolve/lessen those concerns while providing a convenient wireless internet access. LiFi technology can play an important role in replacing the Wi-Fi technology in environments where safety is a primary concern. LiFi technology does not use low frequency electromagnetic fields and the signals are the lights from the lamps that we currently are using for illumination in everyday life. Unlike radio signals, LiFi cannot penetrate inside the body and is blocked by the skin. Therefore, it is safe for the human body and any group of people, including children and pregnant women can use it for connecting to the Internet without concern. This technology can replace the controversial Wi-Fi technology in schools, hospitals, kindergartens and any other place that health issues are of major concern.