Residential Areas

LiFi integrates the communication system with the green and eco-friendly lighting system and proposes dual-use of the lights that are used for illumination purposes. This offers a huge energy saving along with a cleaner world to all nations since energy is already used for lighting, and thus does not need to be expended for communications. A main market of the LiFi technology is the private residences, where LiFi is preferred over the existing Wi-Fi network due to its high-speed and human body safety. VLNComm will present plug-and-play LiFi packages to the market that can be purchased from department stores and installed easily without any labor costs. Each package will contain a number of LED bulbs and modems, and a device that is plugged into an electric outlet. This device sends the internet signal to the LED bulbs using the electric grid inside each apartment or house. For residential applications, there is no need to set a pass-code for LiFi networks since other people that are not in the house cannot access the signals.