VLNComm Launches the World’s First LiFi Lighting Panel at CES 2018

Luminex LiFi Enabled LED Panel

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia and LAS VEGAS, Nevada – VLNComm, the premiere US firm focusing on the development of bi-directional LiFi, has developed the fastest, most affordable and most innovative LiFi LED lighting panel in the industry. Introduced and successfully demonstrated to more than 500 people at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the LumiNex panel is capable of 108Mbps download speeds and when coupled with the LumiStick 2, 53Mbps upload speeds. Coverage is 516 square feet and includes support for 15 users simultaneously all through the use of industry standard white LEDs.

(VLNComm CES 2018)

Dr. Noshad, CTO of VLNComm comments:

“This is a truly revolutionary (yet evolutionary) development in showing the world what LiFi is capable of.  As the technology continues to evolve, users will appreciate the complementary nature of LiFi when used as a replacement or augmentation to radio frequency (e.g., Wi-Fi) technology.  What discriminates LiFi is that it has no electromagnetic interference (EMI), offers enhanced security, is safer and provides access to a larger amount of available spectrum.”

In addition to extending LiFi beyond the current ranges, VLNComm will continue to work with luminaire and LED manufacturers to integrate its hardware and software solutions in to products with the goal of standardization, interoperability and wide-spread adoption of the technology.  Near term adopters include those where security is of the utmost importance as well as those with a concern for EMI and its impact on sensitive equipment.

Visible Light Communication (VLC) and in particular, LiFi, extends beyond how many are currently using the medium to achieve a uni-directional link via optical camera communication (OCC) for indoor positioning or “beaconing”, or using near infrared to achieve limited directional communications – neither of which are true, bi-directional LiFi. To that end, VLNComm is working with others in this space to develop a common taxonomy, explore what will be needed for device interoperability and the development of domain specific use cases.

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VLNComm Introduces the World’s Most Advanced LiFi USB Adapter

VLNComm, the premiere US LiFi Research and Development firm focusing on the development of bi-directional LiFi, has developed the fastest, most affordable and most innovative LiFi enabled USB adapter – LumiStick 2.

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Wall Street Journal: The Future of Home Wi-Fi

LiFi and VLNComm in the News (Sept 11, 2017)

“Transmitting information with light is as old as the signal fire, but transmitting high-speed data via the lights above our heads has only been possible for about five years. A handful of startups—including VLNComm, Velmenni and PureLiFi—are working on systems that flicker LED lights so quickly they can transmit information at up to 43 megabits a second”.
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Professor, Former Grad Student Market ‘LiFi’ – LED-Based Data Network

Let there be light. And let there be information.

A University of Virginia engineering professor and her former graduate student have refined an alternative to Wi-Fi, and they have formed a company to market the concept. The technology is called “LiFi,” because it uses LED light waves to transmit data.

Maite Brandt-Pearce, a professor in the Charles L. Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mohammad Noshad, her former Ph.D. student, have teamed with entrepreneur Fraidoon Hovaizi to create VLNComm LLC. The company employs nine and has a facility in the Pantops area of Albemarle County, east of Charlottesville.

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Bloomberg Business Week: Meet LiFi: Internet Using LED Light Waves

Wi-Fi networks dependent on radio waves are growing more congested all the time—and can’t be used everywhere—so various researchers and companies are betting light waves from LED lamps and overheads can also stream data and connect people to the internet. So-called LiFi technology, which uses a much more abundant slice of the wireless spectrum, is also more energy-efficient than Wi-Fi, though for now people need a special USB drive to use it. Light waves can’t pass through walls like radio waves do, but that also makes the networks more secure. A group from the world’s largest technical association, IEEE, will have draft standards for LiFi ready by yearend for companies that want to commercialize the technology, says its chairman, Bob Heile.


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