• Secure wireless data trasnmission for
    Military and Government
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  • Safe wireless communication in
    Hospitals and Senior centers
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  • Interference-free wireless communication in
    Manufacturing sites
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  • Dependable data trasnmission for
    Innovative Industries
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  • Congestion-free data trasnmission for
    Enterprise Offices
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  • Accurate real time location based services for
    Warehouses and Factories
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Why LiFi?

No Hacking

Unlike WiFi signals that pass through the walls and are valnurable to eavesdroppping, data stream through LiFi remains within the room, since light can not pass through the walls. This offers an exceptional security and privacy in data streaming required for sensitive sites like military, government, financial, and legal offices.

No EM Interference

Unlike RF signals in WiFi systems, light does not interfere with other radio frequncy range electromagnetic signals. This offers a huge advantage in terms of seamless data streaming and automation. This is essential in sites with large number of users and high RF pollution like manufacturing sites.

No Blind spots

Unlike WiFi signals that are absorbed and attenuated in the presence of metals and certain materials, Light is not influenced by such materials. Avoiding blind spots is crucial in implementing automation systems in sites like warehouses where large amount of metals shelving results in large WiFi blind spot zones.


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