Various industries

LiFi offers multiple solutions for different industries.

LiFi for Connected cars

Studies show there will be 10M self-driving cars on the roads by 2020.

Vehicle – Vehicle (V2V), and Vehicle – Road (V2R) communication are becoming increasingly important in enhancing the the safety of the rides, and are en integral part of fully autonomous driving cars in the future.
Low latency, low interference, and secure bidirectional communication is the backbone of the V2V and V2R commination. Our hybrid Li-Fi – Wi-Fi solution for V2V and V2R communication offers a reliable communication over a wide range of distances .

LiFi for IoT

By 2020, there will be 30B+ connected devices to the internet. This adds a lot of burden on already overloaded Wi-Fi networks, and results in even slower and more congested networks.

In our Vision, a hybrid Wi-Fi - Li-Fi networks can hugely reduce the load on Wi-Fi networks and by communicating through light not only Li-Fi can offer enhanced security, but a seamless stream of data, and ultimate mobility for virtual reality devices which require a broad bandwidth. This will elevate the VR experience to next level.
By substituting Wi-Fi enabled IoT devices with their Li-Fi enabled counterparts, the Wi-Fi interference will dramatically reduce, and Wi-Fi networks will experience enhanced streaming where needed.


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