LumiNex Access-Point

World’s first LiFi enabled lighting panel introduced by VLNComm to provide indoor wireless networking in offices, hospitals, libraries, schools, convention centers, airports and warehouses.


70 Mbps Downlink and 60 Mbps uplink.

Large Coverage

Covers 400 sq ft (Measured at 7 ft height from fixture).


LumiNex delivers 3200 Lumens.

Eco-Friendly & Efficient

Luminex uses 35 watts and delivers 91.4 luminous efficacy.

Multi user

15 LiFi enabled devices can access Luminex simultaneously.

Low Latency

Luminex has impresive 0.4 ms of latency.

Works globally

LumiNex works at 110/230V.

RLTS enabled

Luminex is enabled to deliver real time location based services.
LumiStick 2
The world's most adavnced LiFi USB device

LumiStick LiFi Adapter

Our advanced LiFi adapter to connect electronic devices to the LiFi network through their USB port

Lightning Fast

LumiStick 2 delivers up to 108 Mbps downlink and 53 Mbps uplink..


Lumistick 2 is only 2.32 x 1.38 x 0.42 inch.

Full OS compatibility

LumiStick 2 is compatible with Mac OS, Linux, and Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10.

Wide view angle

LumiStick 2 offers 120 degrees field of view.


No hazardous materials ever! LumiStick 2 is RoHS certified.

Wide Spectrum

LumiStick 2 operates over a wide bandwidth (420 - 875 nm).

Ultimate Mobility

LumisStick2 is made for ultimate mobility with its lightweight and low power consumption.

Easy to use

Just plug it in and enjoy a seamless stream of data.

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