Industry & Supply chain

LiFi offers ultimate coverage of interference-free data transmission which is vital for seamless automation in warehouses and industrial setups.

Ultimate Coverage

No EM interference

Indoor positioning

Seamless Automation

LiFi for Warehouses

Avoiding WiFi blind spots and accurate real time locatin based services are critical for seamless automation in warehouses.

Providing wireless connectivity for large number of robots and electronic devices is a challenging problem in warehouses and factories. LiFi offers huge advantages over Wi-Fi (which may not be available or be prone to interference) in those environments and can be used as a reliable wireless networking techniques in those indoor areas.
In addition, visible light communication can provide accurate (1 inch) 3D positioning for robots, drones and other devices in warehouses, factories and construction sites, where indoor positioning and navigation is a crucial element.
Li-Fi networks can improve production efficiency, safety, and reliability in manufacturing and construction sites.


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